Action Plan

October 5th, 2016 | Posted by Sherry Gaba in Uncategorized - (Comments Off)

Today I want to do a little something together.  You’re going to need a pen and paper, because we are going to write our action plans for the day (if you’re reading this at night, go ahead and do tomorrow’s). As a codependent, one of the things I tend to do is procrastinate.  Some things …
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Vision Boards and Vision Statements

September 27th, 2016 | Posted by Sherry Gaba in Uncategorized - (Comments Off)

     I think it’s safe to say that most of us have heard someone say, “Visualize what you want and you will get/achieve it,” in our lifetimes.  If we’re lucky, we’ve heard it more than once, and if we are even luckier, we’ve tried one ourselves and found that it can be a great …
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Black and White Thinking

August 31st, 2016 | Posted by Sherry Gaba in Uncategorized - (Comments Off)

Growing up with an alcoholic parent, we were taught to see things in extremes.  It was either the best possible thing that could ever happen, or the worst possible thing that could ever happen.  Our parents had been taught, and were passing on to us, the lesson that people in the world are good or …
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Hi everyone!  Today i want to cover the topic of intimacy, something vital to each of our lives, and a topic that is a big part of love addiction and codependency. A lot of us have found that in relationships, we have lost ourselves, and a big struggle is trying to rebuild our behavior patterns …
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Hi guys.  Today I want to talk a little bit about the topic of letting go of our fears of abandonment.  I think it’s a really important subject when delving into love addiction and co-dependency, and fear of abandonment is one of the main things that prevents people from getting out of unhealthy relationships. The …
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Surrender versus Control

August 16th, 2016 | Posted by Sherry Gaba in Uncategorized - (Comments Off)

Today, the topic I want to talk about is surrender versus control.  A big part of co-dependency and addiction is the idea of control.  So much in our lives has been chaos, and we hold tight to the idea that we have control over things or people to try to keep ourselves on our feet.  …
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Protective Software Products for Recovering Sex Addicts

June 15th, 2016 | Posted by Rob Weiss in Uncategorized - (Comments Off)

In today’s world you’d be hard-pressed to find a sex addict whose compulsive behaviors are not facilitated by digital devices—computers, laptops, pads, tablets, smartphones, etc. Fifteen years ago, it was reasonable to suggest that sex addicts who were acting out via technology should stay away from computers and the Internet altogether, or, if they absolutely …
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Rob Weiss Sex Addiction Expert

In my two previous postings to this site, I have addressed single recovering sex addicts’ readiness for dating and the formulation of a plan for healthy dating. I have not, however, addressed the fact that meeting and dating in the 21st century is more often than not facilitated by digital devices. In fact, in today’s …
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Pat OGorman headshot new 10-27-14

So often we feel it is not good to be angry—particularly at work, where we’ll be seen and judged. We fear our anger is unbecoming, and that if we let ourselves get angry, we won’t be liked or that we’ll be labeled the dreaded “B-word.” Instead, we tell ourselves we should be pleasing, approachable, not …
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