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So often we feel it is not good to be angry—particularly at work, where we’ll be seen and judged. We fear our anger is unbecoming, and that if we let ourselves get angry, we won’t be liked or that we’ll be labeled the dreaded “B-word.” Instead, we tell ourselves we should be pleasing, approachable, not …
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Thomas M. Greaney, MEd, LADC, CCDP, provides his private practice clients in Connecticut and Rhode Island with creative ways to view and overcome addiction.

The longer I’ve lived the more clear it has become that life calls us to make hard choices. The key for me has been to be blessed with the recognition of an issue, whether minor or monumental, that calls for my attention and the subsequent courage to react to it with an appropriate, healthy response. …
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Spotting Sexual Addiction in Clients

February 5th, 2014 | Posted by Rob Weiss in Sex Addiction - (Comments Off)
Rob Weiss Sex Addiction Expert

Sexually addicted men and women enter treatment because their addiction is destroying their lives, but once they’re in therapy they often fail to mention their out-of-control sexual activity (most often due to shame). Instead, they ask for help with their addiction’s related symptoms – depression, severe anxiety, relationship problems, co-occurring substance abuse issues, and the …
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