Celebrity Rehab: Was Leif Garrett’s Anger on Family Day an Expression of being Enabled?

January 2nd, 2011 | Posted by Sherry Gaba in Addiction | Alcohol Addiction | Celebrity Rehab

Things are getting tough for Leif Garrett on Celebrity Rehab. During family day, his mom was so loving and supportive. She said she’d do anything to help him stay sober. But when she said that, Dr. Drew pointed out that bailing him out of jail would not help him—it would only make things worse by enabling him. She was confused and upset. Leif was clearly angry.

He wondered why you would let someone you love sit in jail. Dr. Drew tried to explain that when someone is so out of control that their substance abuse gets them arrested, what they need is mandated rehab, not an easy way out.

I think we’re all heard the concept that addicts have to hit rock bottom before they get serious about rehab. Substance abusers have usually already experienced psychological, social, physiological and spiritual, and/or environmental consequences connected with their using. But even those consequences aren’t enough to motivate them to get serious about their sobriety. They wait until they have completely lost control or caused major havoc in their lives—until they have reached rock bottom. Typically, this means losing something of great value because of their addiction, such as a spouse, children, or a job. Sometimes it means experiencing financial devastation or serious legal issues.

Whatever it is, it has to be worse than not having their drugs. When you’re addict, not having your drug of choice feels very, very bad. So for something to feel even worse, it really has to be rock bottom. Being faced with either prison or rehab (which is what Dr. Drew was recommending), with no possibility that your family members are going to help you get out of it, most addicts will choose rehab. (Although not all. For some, prison is not rock bottom.) Rehab is the first step to sobriety, and it doesn’t matter what gets the addict there.

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