A Sense of Place in This World

February 25th, 2011 | Posted by Michael Taleff in Addiction | Addiction Discussions

These days the components of recovery have a general and predictable focus. Among them are:

  • Increasing or maintaining recovery motivation.
  • Being honest about your self.
  • Following a regiment be it attending meetings, or some sober sustaining course.
  • Staying away from certain people, places, and things
  • Staying close to sober supports, supportive family, and friends

All are laudable and each has some research backing. Yet, while the list is commendable (but not exhaustive), one more element might be worthy of inclusion. It is finding or creating a sense of “place in this world.” An understanding of what it really means to be human, and that role in this life.

Arguably this could be said to come later in recovery, after heads clear, and one takes stock of all that has happened.

It is suggested, however, that this sense of place come earlier in the recovery process, perhaps prompted by a counselor, perhaps by a loved one.

Consider the sense of place as a philosophical need. It is not often articulated as such, but it is a need nonetheless. A distinctly human need, something that was snatched away by the active addiction, and now needs to be reclaimed.

This “place” is decidedly unique for each person in their recovery, and no book, or other will be able to tell you what it is.

Finding this “place” is intended as an exclusive singular journey. As such, it should be accomplished with some level of reverence. So, others who use shrill tones, or angry and frustrated laced language will not kindle the journey.

How does one start this search for their place? Consider, there are moments in recovery, even early on, when a client alone and in silence ponders events that have passed. They begin to ask, “Who felt the ravages of my addiction? What have I done? What do I need to do? Who now am I?”

At these poignant moments, the time is ripe to ask, what will be my place in this world?

At such monents, that singular journey to find “place” will begin.

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