Thinking of Yourself Sober

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Thinking Yourself Sober

Getting sober and staying sober starts with the desire to make a change in your life. For some people this is the so called “hitting bottom” when they do something or allow something to happen that they can no longer ignore, rationalize or blame someone else for. For some people it is a lost relationship, a tragic accident or the disapproval of friends and family that triggers the realization of the need for change. The tough part is figuring out just how to start that journey and stay on the path to recovery and sobriety.
While it may seem too simple, the key component to a successful recovery from addiction is to be able to think and see yourself in the positive alternate reality. If you cannot see yourself as a happy, healthy and productive sober person then you really can’t get there. Knowing both the destination as well as the route to take means that you can think each part of the route, making effective, insightfully and meaningful decisions to help in your own recovery. In my book “The Law of Sobriety” I dedicate time and effort to one simple thought. This thought is
that “you create your own reality and the situation you find yourself in is a direct result of your own belief system”.
So, if you see yourself making bad choices, not being successful as a sober member of society or never being able to find friends that can support you in your new lifestyle then that is exactly what you will find. If, however, you are able to think of yourself as a person of value, worth and with the ability to chart your own course you will be amazed at the progress that you make. Each decision, each move, each relationship you develop will embrace your new belief system about yourself, drawing in positive energy, positive experiences and positive people to continue on with your journey in recovery.
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