Time and Recovery

March 15th, 2012 | Posted by Sherry Gaba in Uncategorized

Time And Recovery

One of the things that people in recovery from an addiction
often have is a mental timetable of when things have gone wrong. They can often
trace back to the first times that their addiction started to cause problems in
their life, their career or their relationships. This negative timeline keeps
playing over and over, creating a sense that everything in one’s life is
negative, destructive and dysfunctional. This often extends to events in the
future that are overshadowed or destroyed because of things that have happened
in the past.

Opening up to the future is difficult for addicts. The
future can seem to be a scary place full of pitfalls and traps that will pull
you back into the continuing negative timeline. In my book, “The Law of
Sobriety” I talk about the time that is needed to stay positive to allow
the universe to respond in kind. You cannot expect that immediately everything
you need will flow to you.  It will take
time, consistent work and a forward and constructive journey to get to where
you know you want to be.

One of the most important aspects of the timing of positives
in your life is to avoid becoming discouraged when things don’t happen
immediately. You need to open up to positives in all forms, not just the giant
goals that you have for your future. If your goal is to be clean and sober,
starting every day with seeing yourself sober for that day is an essential
positive first step. Take the time to do this exercise each morning. Think of
it as a deposit to your positive energy bank. When the time is right the
universe will repay you in ways you never imagined possible.  The key is to stay focused and understand
that you cannot control this future timeline, but that it is moving you in the
positive, constructive direction that you need to go.

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