Addiction Treatment Around The World

March 9th, 2010 | Posted by Jeff Wilbee in Uncategorized

I was so pleased to see Stephanie Muller’s article in February’s Counselor on what is happening beyond our North American shores. The C4 Recovery interviewees were quite correct in ascerting that we can learn a lot from what is happpening around the globe. Different approaches perhaps but of value.¬†As Past President of IC & RC, I have had the opportunity to do a little traveling, on their behalf to European countries and one in Latin America to speak and discuss addiction treatment and workforce development. The one trip that is impressed upon my mind is Vienna, Austria at the Beyond 2008 Conference at the Unted Nations. Three hundred delgates from around the world attended to discuss issues relating to substance abuse. One cannot attend an event like that without coming away with with a deep understanding that we are dealing with a world wide problem that requires a global solution. We in North America have a responsibility and a role to play in that solution. So, thank you Stephanie for the article and I look forward to others in the future on this subject.

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