Does Entitlement Contribute to Addiction in Childhood Actors?

March 13th, 2010 | Posted by Sherry Gaba in Addiction | Drug Addiction

My goal this week was to get away from the topic of Celebrity addiction, but, of course, you couldn’t turn on the television without some newscaster broadcasting about the tragic and sudden death of teenage heartthrob and childhood star Corey Haim. Most likely the cause is related to drug addiction although the reports are unclear. Is this yet another tragic death related to the high rate of celebrity addicts? Is it another death related to the high rate of tragic deaths of childhood actors? Or is it because, like many, he was raised by parents that lived off his income and had their own long lost desire to be famous while thrusting the limelight on their child for their own satisfaction? Was it because he couldn’t cope with his fame ending at such at a young age never to be duplicated as an adult? Is it because the euphoria of being famous at such a young age can only be met by replacing those intense feelings with drugs or alcohol? Did he have the genetic disposition to become an addict or alcoholic? Was it his intense drive to succeed in an industry full of enablers and not having to play by the rules that most of us do have to play by?

All of this is just speculation, of course. Perhaps it is none of these things that brought Corey down, but the statistics are alarming as to how many child actors do fall victim to alcoholism and drug addiction. Shall I start naming them? Lindsay Lohan, Brittany Spears, Robert Downey Jr., Brittany Murphy, River Phoenix, Dana Plato, Tatum O’Neal, or Andrew Koenig. And these are just a few. However, fortunately, there are those who found sobriety before it was too late such as Drew Barrymore and Mackenzie Phillips or others who have struggled on and off for years with chronic relapses such as Danny Bonaduce.

When will all of these senseless deaths end? The few celebrity child actors I have treated were mostly brought to my office through the desperate attempts to get them sober by someone they love. These family members or friends are mostly the ones that make the call to get them the desperate help they need. This is usually no different than most addicts and alcoholics I work with. However, often as soon as I set boundaries with them, I never see them again. When I tell them they must give me the standard 24 hours notice to cancel and I hold them to it when they don’t show up, they disappear as quickly as they arrived. They are so used to being catered to and when someone actually says “No” to them, they flee. This is sad because there will always be another doctor or psychotherapist that will say “yes” and not hold them accountable for their actions. This is one of the reasons that perhaps they can’t stay sober. Sobriety is not a place where the strung out addict or alcoholic should make the rules. They need the direction of someone who has either been down that road or a professional that can clearly set appropriate boundaries. Most child actors have had to handle responsibilities at a young age whereby they clearly were not emotionally or developmentally ready to handle. Maybe this is why they also become so rebellious defying all the rules later in life. Also, they most likely did not get their attachment needs met according to a study by the Department of Psychology at Wayne State University. The study reports parents of child performers, who were heavily involved in their children’s careers, tended to be “less caring and more over controlling.” Perhaps their entitlement comes from the need to be in control because they were so heavily controlled at a young age. Or maybe their addictions stem from a traumatic childhood, similar to non-childhood actors, where they always felt abandoned. Perhaps a professional psychotherapist, who actually set limits, is too scary for a child star because it actually represents caring to them. Maybe the only time they felt cared for was when they were on stage or in front of a camera.

Regardless, all of this is speculation, but I do believe children actors need to not be treated like “little adults.” They need to get their developmental needs met like any other child. They need healthy peer relationship and not to be handed over everything they ask for. They need healthy role models and stable families just like anyone else to teach them to live life on life’s terms. There is no guarantee they won’t develop an addiction, but at least it’s a good start.

Sherry Gaba is a Psychotherapist and Life Coach in Agoura, CA. She specializes in addictions, depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, and helping her clients find their purpose. She is a contributing author to “The Conscious Entrepreneur” and is the Life Coach on Celebrity Rehab 2 and 3 on VH1 with Dr. Drew Pinsky. She can be reached at [email protected] or Her new book comes out this September 2010 for Recovery Month on having a purposeful recovery.

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  • Sexy Chick says:

    Lindsay Lohan really is a fantastic demonstration of everything wrong in America now. I definitely cannot fathom why she would get so much blog attention.

  • I’m happy someone decided to finally shed light on this. I have pondered it frequently. 🙂

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  • I’m just a teenager in highschool but i know im an alcoholic… been having alot of issues with friends, in one instance it was even over me being an “alcoholic”… i drink anything i can find as my parents dont drink so there is rarly any around- alcoholism runs through both sides of my family including my dad which is why he no longer drinks at all… i drink any and everything i can and its almost always alone.. i just dont see the issue with it…. leaving myself sober and open minded alone on a friday night is much more detremental to myself… i wouldnt be doing anything anyways but making myself depressed…alcohol is an escape from my severe anxiety

  • Today is only Day 5, but yesterday was hard. The first four days I felt pretty good and a sense of relief. I felt I was making the right choice to give up pot but somehow without pot and alcohol life just seems grey. I used to look forward to smoking pot and really enjoyed it. Ironically, I don’t feel a whole lot different without it – I think I had built up so much tolerance I wasn’t really getting that high, but without it I am more anxious and irritable. Unmotivated. I just hope today is easier.

  • I am 33 & have been smoking daily since i was 16. Over the years i gave up for 1 year only but started again (stupidly). Had a bit of a rough time through teens & when i was 23 had an ectopic pregnancy which resulted in losing the baby & 1 of my tubes. from there I found out I wouldn’t be able to have children naturally, smoking has put these things to the back of my mind which was great short term but long term i have ran away & never faced up to these things.

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  • Sherry Gaba says:

    You are so correct. Without boundaries, everything goes, including feeling entitled in every area of one’s life. Thank you so much for that comment and enjoying the blog.

  • justelise says:

    I loved your article. I think the sense of entitlement is an offshoot of the lack of boundaries in general, which is really the root cause. Child actors with parasitic parents are usually the children who never had boundaries. If your parents want you to stay happy (by any means necessary) so you will continue to earn their dinner, they’re not going to establish boundaries, because said boundaries will inevitably result in the child getting angry with the parent, and could result in the loss of the parent’s meal ticket.

  • Sherry Gaba says:

    I am so glad you enjoyed my blog. More to come Addiction Dude 🙂

  • This is a worth while read, thank you for sharing. Alcoholism is not a problem that’s going away at any time soon.