Celebrity Rehab Behind the Scenes: Get me out of Here!

December 4th, 2010 | Posted by Sherry Gaba in Addiction | Celebrity Rehab

One of the themes you often see at rehabs, as well as  Celebrity Rehab 4,  is that many of the clients are looking for an excuse to leave or a way to get sent home. Rachel Uchitel isn’t sure she should be there because she doesn’t have a “real” addiction. Frankie Lons wants to leave when she discovers there’s a security camera in her room. Jason Davis is pushing the boundaries in his behavior. And Janice Dickinson is using Jason’s behavior as a possible reason to leave. Is the Pasadena Recovery Center really such a terrible place?

     Of course not! What motivates these behaviors is fear. If you are new to sobriety, it may take awhile to overcome the fears that have been oppressing you for so long. You have been numbing these fears for a long time with your addiction. Now, as you become sober, they may feel overwhelming.

     Change itself is very scary, too. Even if your life is completely unsatisfying, even if you wish with all your heart to be sober, fear is a powerful, immobilizing force. If it causes you to stay in a situation that cannot possibly make you happy, or to walk away from a chance to change yourself, then you have shut happiness out of your life.

    One of the things you will see on Celebrity Rehab  is the clients learning to let go of their fear and anxiety. The first step is to give voice to those fears. Acknowledge what you are afraid of. You can know your fear and still take the necessary actions to move forward.

Sherry Gaba, LCSW, is a Life Coach and Psychotherapist on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew on VH1.  Sherry is the author of “The Law of Sobriety” and has just produced “How to Attract Positive Energy while Eliminating all Addictions”. http://thelawofsobriety.com/how-to-attract-positive-energy/ Contact Sherry at sherry@sgabatherapy.com  to learn about becoming an affiliate, upcoming book signings, speaking engagements, teleseminars, audio products, 15 min free Life Coaching Session, or psychotherapy.

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