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I was recently browsing through the TED homepage. Curious, I clicked the “speakers” button, up popped this international list of TED presenters. Just below each photo was a short description of the speaker’s expertise. Interesting reading, but, what was truly profound was that each declared a passionate interest in their expertise.

“I am passionate about social civility.”

“I am passionate about clean energy.”

“I am passionate about physics.”

“I am passionate about music.”

The list went on and on.

As I continued to read, I began to get caught-up in the excitement with which these individuals proclaimed their zeal.

I ceased reading for a few moments to ponder what I had just read. Then, there it was right in front of me! The thing that drives these creative, innovative individuals to push themselves to be the best at what they do. Passion!

That little insight got me thinking about our field.

I have so rarely seen the word passion spoken from those who work in our field. I hear people who want to be competent. They want to be certified, or licensed to be sure. But, these worthy goals don’t quite reach the stellar heights of passionate.

Passionate folks are driven.

They are absorbed.

They are fascinated by the arena of their work.

It’s not work for them.

It is a calling.

Balanced passionate individuals are not arrogant. Their calling is not about them; it is about the sheer draw of understanding or creating something never seen before. These people run toward novel original thoughts. The goal is to convert that passion into achievements that will somehow make this planet better. WOW!

It’s sad that this kind of passion is rarely voiced in our field. So, I want to be among the first to add my name to the passionate individuals of addiction practice. To those who push themselves to be innovative and become the best at what they do.

My name is Mike Taleff, and I am passionate about addiction treatment, critical thinking, crafting first-rate ethical decisions, and grasping what lies just beyond my understanding.

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