Questions (Again)

August 15th, 2012 | Posted by Michael Taleff in Uncategorized

I admit it. I read philosophy.

While others will doze off at the mere mention of the subject, I love it! I find the readings provide vigor, generate stellar thoughts, and I crave a taste for more. Damn, my brain lights up!

Personally, I find more value in the philosophy tomes than most addiction books on the market these days, especially those self-help abominations.

Which brings me to a short statement I found recently in Michael Labossiere’s book What You Don’t know? In one of his provocations, he briefly addressed questions. Something I wrote about in a blog awhile back. But, in this book it was his words about questions that jumped off the page and took my breath away. He stated, “… questions drive us to expand our imaginations, open up possibilities, and free ourselves from dogma.” “These things seem good and worthwhile.”

My brain jumped at the idea that the grunts out there could use more questions in their daily treatment work. Why? Well, questions free us from our addiction theory dogmatic slumbers, which can be a bit dreary at times.

Questions fire our treatment imaginations to stimulate new intervention possibilities that just might bring about the right strategy mixture for that intractable client you now have.

Questions have that power.

Truly something good and worthwhile.

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