Love: Our Goal, Our Destiny, Our Fulfillment

February 4th, 2014 | Posted by Tom Greaney in Addiction | Weekly Reflections & Guidance

The human capacity to love is limitless. Its only limitation is that which we learn from those caregivers who raise us or by self-imposed limitations. Perhaps I tell myself “I’m not worthy of that kind of unconditional, life-affirming love.” Think about the precious child who is abused and abandoned by her mother. When reunited, and despite the abuse, the child will seek comfort and love from its mother, its giver of life, the embodiment of the female Godhead. Unfortunately, as we grow through life we may experience conditions being placed on us in order to receive the love of others.

In his book Conversations with God, author Neale Donald Walsch quotes his Higher Power as relating to him that there are only two emotions, love and fear. The God of his understanding is very specific in his instruction that if man fears God, the ultimate and only source of unconditional love, it stands to reason that he will fear everything else that falls short of God-centered love. In his book, Walsch (1996) writes

All human actions are motivated at their deepest level by one of two emotions-fear or love . . . And so it is that in the moment you pledge your highest love, you greet your greatest fear . . .Yet if you knew Who You Are—that you are the most magnificent, the most remarkable, the most splendid being God has ever created-you would never fear. For who could reject such wondrous magnificence? Not even God would find fault in such a being.

Originally written on October 5, 2000, on Ender’s Island, at 8:50 pm:

“Dear Higher Power, I come to you today in the spirit of gratitude for your many blessings. I especially recognize the transformation you helped spark regarding my obsessive thoughts of Tricia. Thank you for helping me see the need to make amends and to experience a closure, which I believe was necessary for me to move on. What am I to explore with you today?”

“More about love—love of self and love of others.”

“How do I rightly express my love?”

“Through your heart, through trust, and through belief in me.”

“Who am I meant to love?”

“All those whom I put in your path, all those who are already in your life.”

“Speak to me of my emotional state right now, my urge to cry.”

“Tears help cleanse the soul and make room for the next experience. You are preparing, my son, for a more fulfilling life, one where you are open to new experiences, one where you will more readily accept the opportunity and challenges I lay before you.”

“It’s turned cloudy.”

“Yes, much like you feel your life is today. Fear not. Embrace life, be positive, have fun. Let your spirit spring forth and infect others with a zeal for life and an appreciation of the gifts available to all of us. You do have a choice, so choose wisely. I want you to be happy but the living of it is up to you.”

“I’m zipping up my jacket to protect me from the chill.”

“You will again experience growth and understanding as darkness descends earlier and we are asked to look inward. Be not afraid of what is revealed to you for it is your truth.”

“Will you help lighten my heart, help me carry my burdens?”

Yes, my son. It is done the second you ask, the moment you surrender and shed a tear. I am with you always. Come follow me and I will lead you home.”

“What other guidance do you have for me?”

“Trust and stay focused. Be aware of your desire to escape. Fight the urge to get outside yourself and the feelings you want to flee. Stare down your fears, take them into your heart, and release them from your mind.”

“I want to laugh. I want to be more playful. Need I be in a relationship to do this?”

“Yes, a relationship with self. An acceptance of self, an embracing of what is you in all your glory, all your imperfection, all your being. Go forth, secure in my love and happy in your gifts, which you so freely choose to share with others.”

“Thank you!”


Weekly Reflections and Guidance for February


Week One 

“Dear Higher Power, inspire me today to do thy will. Help me explore my mind to find new ways to express your inspiration, your love, your beauty, and your acceptance.”

“There is only love. You exist only to love; love in terms of giving and receiving, in terms of love being your total experience. Let love drip from your lips, let love be a song that bursts forth from your soul, let love be your signature smile. Let me love you. Be not afraid or guilty, I am with you always. Come, follow me.”


Week Two

“I am confused and seeking. My confusion stems from relationship issues and not knowing your will. Direct my thoughts and actions today so the words I utter are your truth, my truth, and the truth of the content of my heart.”

“Your intentions are pure and good but you put the needs of others ahead of yours. You fear offending others but the truth is simply that, the truth. So feel free and confident to speak your truth for if it remains pure it must be accepted (by others). Seek insight. Smile more. Be good to yourself to be better to others.

Take a long walk with someone you love and tell them you love them. Allow yourself to make a mistake, to be human. Cry. Let it all out. Don’t hold it in anymore. Grieve your losses. Ask for help. Receive the help. Say you are struggling. Don’t fear, for fear separates you from the love of your Higher Power. Let go of guilt, it serves no purpose and no one.”


Week Three

“Your spirit is alive and speaking to me more loudly each day. Grant that your words may save my soul, enrich the lives of others, and bring focus to the path you wish me to walk this day and all of my days.”

“Bless your intuition and instincts. You are finely honing your spiritual skills. Share freely what you know of the spirit with others so that they too may broaden their experience of life in the here and now.”


Week Four


“Dear Higher Power, my soul is aflame with your love. You’ve instilled in me a passion for this life, this gift from you that I cherish. Fan the flames of my passion to help and be of service to others. Make me of maximum use to those you put in my path.”

“Your recognition of my blessings thrills me. Your zeal for life inspires others and me. You are on the cusp of great things. Stay on the path. Avoid earthly distractions. Embrace things of the spirit and you serve my will.” 

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Thomas M. Greaney, of Savvy Communications, is a licensed alcohol and drug counselor in Connecticut and Rhode Island. He is also a certified co-occurring disorder professional. His other expertise is mentoring and inspiring young adults. He facilitates his SAFE (Substance Abuse Freedom through Education) and BUTT OUT! (Tobacco education and cessation) programs for young men at a preparatory school in Connecticut.

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