Sherry Gaba

Sherry Gaba

Sherry Gaba, LCSW, is a Licensed Psychotherapist and Certified Transformational and Recovery Coach.  She is the author of “The Law of the Sobriety: Attracting Positive Energy for a Powerful Recovery” and the creator of wake up recovery.  She is the go to expert on VH1’s Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew Pinsky and media expert on CNN, HLN, Showbiz Tonight, The Bio Channel, Inside Edition, and E!News.   Go to and get your free audio mediation download and/or  sign up here for her free preview Out of the Box Recovery call. – See more at:

We have all heard about the benefits of relaxation. Online articles and magazines have headlines that tell us how to meditate, why we need to relax and how stress is bad for us. While we all know that stress can have negative physical manifestations, we often forget about how stress impacts us on a spiritual level. I am not discussing religion, but I am referring to the spiritual side of our nature. It is important to have a healthy spirit. When our spirit is heavily stressed, this can result in our physical bodies and our overall quality of life to suffer. So how can you maintain spiritual wellness while at home?

Have Your Own Space

Do you have a special area in your home where you can have quality alone time? I’ve discussed the importance of creating a sacred space in a prior post, and one of the things that I stated was that we all need our own little nook in our home to call our very own. Even if this is your bedroom or if you can transform your bathroom into a private oasis once a month, we all need our personal space. When we spend time with ourselves we can meditate, write in our journal, reflect on our day or just get lost in a great book.

However you choose to enjoy your personal time, the key is to give yourself the gift of at least an hour a week. If you feel that you just can’t squeeze in a full hour on one particular day, I suggest you buy an egg timer. Set the timer for ten minutes, close the door to the room you are relaxing in and don’t open the door till the timer goes off. This short amount of time will give you a boost of energy and a sense of grounding that your spirit desperately needs.

Healthy Spirit Equals Healthy Relationships

The relationships that we have with our partners, loved ones and even those we work with can become strained if we neglect our spiritual wellness. Stress ends up making us lose our temper quickly, saying things before thinking and becoming extremely impatient. Communication is the key to any healthy relationship, regardless of who that relationship is with.

Those ten minutes that you take to quiet your mind will be a huge gift to those that are in your life. You will be able to not react immediately; you will have the time to breathe before interacting with your loved ones. This is especially important with work relationships. A great tip is to take your egg timer to work with you. If you have an office where you can shut the door or even escape into the bathroom for five to ten minutes, you will find your work environment much more enjoyable.

Spiritual wellness is a cornerstone of your overall health. You need to maintain and foster your spiritual health just as you would your mental or physical health. Take the time to buy an egg timer and experience how those 10 minutes will improve your spiritual wellness today.

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