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Part II By Bob Tyler, BA, LAADC-CA, SAP, ACRPS In part one of the series, we introduced the dangers associated with the craving cycle: obsession, compulsion, physical craving, and drug seeking behavior.  We also noted that, despite its danger, many alcohol and drug treatment centers focus merely on teaching the tools of recovery to utilize …
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Craving and Relapse Prevention

December 1st, 2020 | Posted by Bob Tyler in Addiction | Addiction & Recovery | Addiction Discussions | Relapse Prevention - (Comments Off on Craving and Relapse Prevention)

Part I By Bob Tyler, BA, LAADC-CA, SAP, ACRPS Greetings!  Welcome to the Craving and Relapse Prevention series.  In a broad sense, most of what we do with our patients can be considered relapse prevention.  However, the information in this series covers what most in our profession would consider specific relapse prevention tools.  Giving credit …
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