I wrote in a previous blog about the universal signs and symptoms of sexual addiction, noting that all sex addicts display, in some form or fashion, the following: Preoccupation: obsessing about sex/romance, making the fantasy and pursuit of it the number one priority in life, etc. Loss of Control: inability to limit or curtail sexual/romantic …
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Introducing Blogger Rob Weiss

September 27th, 2013 | Posted by Rob Weiss in Sex Addiction - (Comments Off on Introducing Blogger Rob Weiss)
Rob Weiss Sex Addiction Expert

Since this is my first online blog for Counselor Magazine, I thought it might be appropriate to briefly introduce myself and tell you a tiny bit about my background and therapeutic work. For the past twenty-plus years I have worked as a psychotherapist, primarily but certainly not exclusively treating men and women dealing with sexual …
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Is it Really Sex Addiction?

April 20th, 2010 | Posted by in Sex Addiction - (1 Comments)

It seems that lately you can’t turn on a television or pick up a newspaper without encountering some news item on the latest public figure entering treatment for sex addiction. It begs the question – is it really sex addiction, or just one (or several) random indiscretions? The following information is excerpted from an article …
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